Friday, 19 October 2012

T6 have enjoyed their day xxx

Well done to the winners of the 4 prizes.

We have enjoyed our day dressing up and learning about healthy snacks

Challenge day rocks...... smurfs out! xxx

S8 healthy game

Well done S8 for choosing the healthy food options in the game. Emma scored the highest with 220 points!!!

S8 printing

We had fun making prints of the fruit and vegetables some of us made great patterns!

S8 identifying fruit and vegetables

S8 tasting

S8 tasting fruit and veg

We tasted all kinds of fruit with yoghurt and honey dip and lots of fresh veggies with mint dip. Thank you Eric for the fantastic soup!

Our cereal bars turned out fantastic. Well done S8!!!

T4 making our boxes.

making our boxes. Steven is the box king of T4. with his assistant coreiy

S8 cereal bars

S8 looked on the internet for images to make their cereal bar packaging

must be the winners!

T5s Chocolate bar advert

T1 so busy -time to blog!

T1 have been so busy today making friut prints, designing packaging for our product, making an advert and painting fruit for our display table. Here are some of our pictures. You can find our advert in shared work/challenge day.