Friday, 17 October 2014

Our finished models!!

s9 paint wellsy's column/well done everyone!!

S9 painted Wellsy's Column. Well done to all the winners. Well done to Wellsy for organising such a fab day. Here are the rest of the photos from S9 today. There is a video of Anna dancing to the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics on one of Pete's camera's. She has moves like Jagger!!

S1 snake hunt

S1 were fab when walking around looking for the snakes in the woods. Aidan was so brave and found all of them before anyone else did!

S1 - Great British telephone box

S1 have worked so hard all morning to make a life size red telephone box!!!

The whole class joined in and worked hard.
Sam, Jennifer and Thomas worked extra hard to help cut, stick and stand it up!

S2 - Queen Brogan

S2 - 'More Tea Vicar?'

S2 enjoying their Great British Afternoon Tea.

S2 - Great British Party Games - Pass the Parcel

Working our 'fish and chips' calories off with a quick game of Pass the Parcel

S10 Enjoying the winning cake!


                                        Commiserations to S7.  You didn't quite bring it!!!!!!
                                                               Better luck next year!

S3 making Union Jack flags, Big Ben, Angels and enjoying afternoon tea!