Friday, 6 February 2015

Making a rainbow S6

We made a rainbow using our hands...

The animals went in two by two, HURRAH! HURRAH!

Look at our Whole School Ark!


And after...

Just a fraction of the hard work that has gone on today - what fantastic students we have at Portland!

What a pigging mess!

 Oh dear! S1 left their biscuits in the oven!

S2 display finished!

This was how it looked this morning! Well done to S2 for all their hard work!

P19 - Fruit rainbows

SED3 - Alphatet Letter M - Monkey

Christoper sponge painting our jungle
SED3 monkey

SED3 - Pom pom rainbow

Levi sticking some pom poms into our rainbow picture

Finished Rainbow Picture

SED3 - Weather mobile

Ryan and Jan adding String to tie on the raindrops

Looking at the lightning

Levi enjoying looking at our weather mobile

S11 have made some fabulous animal masks and puppets and played with the animal puppets too - lots of fun :)

S7's finished work!!!

Here are all of S7's creations from today's Challenge Day! Time for Assembly.

Water play!!!

Find the missing Lesser Spotted You Know What Tiago !!!!!

Jack from Mr Newton's Class is...


S7's Alphabet Letter - G

Here is our letter for the Animal Alphabet - We were given the letter G!

SED2 the winter gardens!!


Photos from our trip to the winter gardens !!!

s2- banana penguins!