Friday, 8 February 2013


Book Cover.

T5s Book Cover

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S8 Thomas looks brilliant!!

S8 Thomas looks brilliant!!

S8 CAT IN THE HAT desserts

look at this

Messy Fun making our rainbow.

Jack trying his hardest to roller me with blue paint!

S7 Book cover

S8 making scarecrows

book cover s1

Our fantastic book cover

S5 willy woka

S5 enter the magical world of willy woka in the "bubble room"


                                                       watch you dont float away


                                             Connor enjoyed making the Wonka picture


                                                  Joseph's Coat!!

Oompa Loompa on a bear hunt

Our finished rainbow

team work to make our rainbow.


                                           The Wizard of Oz featuring S9!!!

our finished Wonka bar

Whipple scrumptious fudge mallow delight!! by S1