Friday, 20 June 2014

SED3 FINALLY!!!! The Brazillian parade is here!

SED3 our cake went terribly wrong.... we blame Jan for this!

Eithne shows us her moves!

Wow! Look at Eithne go!

SED look at what we have made! we are in the Brazil challenge day spirit!

SED3 Matthew ready for the parade!

Check out our great Panorama!

This is our Carnival 360 degree style!!!

S8 carnival

Lee got a bit carried away with the selfies!!!

S8 tropical fruit tasting

S8 getting ready for the carnival!!!

Mr Wells in traditional Carnival Dress

 Very attractive indeed!

Darius enjoying his World Cup ice cream made with Brazil nuts, ginger biscuits, a little bit of Crunchie and coconut milk. All mixed in our very own ice cream maker.

T6 enjoying their very own homemade World cup ice cream. 

Pat leads the parade

Our Rio Carnival - Ay ay ay!!!

S5 Chocolate Cake - Better late than never


Let's Party!!!!